Sunday, August 18, 2013

Looks like we need to update some pictures on here. 2012 - Now

 Lucian's 2nd Birthday. No frosting but it's glazed. Yeah, didn't have any bday candles.

That's not a yawn, she's trying to eat her Aunt Cristi.

So there's a story involved with this one. I had made Lucian a peanut butter sandwich. There was a small piece left so I decided to give it to Tai and see how she handled the nuts. So I'm washing dishes and Lu keeps coming up to me and saying that Tai had peanut butter and I should take it away. Well I knew the piece didn't have that much on it so if he was so worried about it he could take it away while I finished up. He kept coming back and I realized that the smell of peanuts was very strong; too strong. I went into the hallway any found Tai like this; up to her elbows in peanut butter, smeared all over the carpet and walls and as proud and happy as I have ever seen her. I just couldn't find it in me to be upset. We laughed and cleaned it up.

Lucian's 3rd birthday. We had a party at the local splash pad with our friends and neighbors, the Infangers. My brother Micah even showed up.

I had fun making this Lightning McQueen cake. Much easier than I thought it would be!

He is soooo BIG. Already fitting into 4 yr old clothes. Need to start buying 5 yr old ones.

 Tai is such a sweetheart; she follows her big brother everywhere, even though he keeps beating her up. That's unconditional love for you.


The Clarks said...

yay!!!i'm glad to see you posted some pictures! i love you guys and your kiddos! miss you!

Kari said...

Oh, so sweet! Loved seeing pictures of you guys finally! S says Tai'rhen is "so pretty!"