Friday, December 3, 2010

Trying to Make Friends

If you dont know about Snickers, my family's dog, then here's the gist... He is afraid of small children. If they come near him he runs away like the cowardly dog that he is. It kind of makes me sad because I love Snickers and I want him to love Lucian but he wont even go near him. He has been making progress, sometimes he will come up to Lucian and smell him, and since he is too spoiled to eat that raw of meat I'm not worried about Snickers eating him.

We were having some dinner at my mom's house when we looked over at Lucian, who was feeding himself tiny pieces of bread, and saw him dropping some of the bread on the floor then looking over at Snickers, who, of course, came over and ate it. Lucian was trying to win over Snickers with food! We could hardly believe it!

We had a fun time sledding. Yes, that is a storage container. Use what you have, is my thinking.

Poor lil guy. I looked back and he had started dozing. It was so cute!