Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Looking at the this picture you think, hey pretty view, and it is, but you get a different perspective after you've biked up it. At the beginning of this summer I had the chance to go on the summit program for recreational management. For Five weeks I was in southern Utah, Moab area. I went canyoneering,

probably the hardest thing for me on the trip because we were in really small cracks in the rocks and did some high rappels. We also did hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting. The picture of me on the mountain? It was taken after the clouds cleared a bit and we were on our way down. Now that was scary! But I can now say I've hiked 12,050 ft.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You may have noticed that there are some new links off to the right. They belong to a fan fiction Cory is writing called Ryan's Destiny. I put it up because I wouldnt mind if you read it. There are a few things you should know though. 1) This is a Power Ranger story. Yes, I typed that correctly. It is from the season of Lightspeed Rescue. 2) The story is based off actual episodes so in the beginning I dont write down every scene. When I first wrote it I expected everyone to have already seen the episodes. 3) I am starting off writing fan fiction first b/c it gives me practice for my ultimate goal of Books. Yeah!

If you intrested in reading it here is the basic story so you don't get lost. Demons were released and their property now has a city built over it so they want to destroy it. Power Rangers are chosen by Capt. Mitchell of the government (first man technology team) to stop them. Time goes on, they make another ranger power but it stolen by the demons. That is where Ryan comes in. He works for the demons. He is also Capt. Mitchell's son and the pink ranger's brother. Years ago there was a car crash; the demons saved Ryan and raised him. Which side will he choose? Short and sweet overview and very delicious when you get into it.

Been awhile you say? I guess it has. Brett and I are married and having loads of fun! A lot has been happening since November but I will get to that in another entry. Just wanted to post some pictures.