Monday, February 15, 2010

Half way through February and I'm finally hitting that "I'm getting so big it's hard to bend over" stage in the pregnancy. But since the first stage was "I'm so sick I can't move," I'm not as worried about this part, though I understand it's going to be uncomfortable.

The past few days our cousins (the McKeens) have been around and we have had fun playing with them. Though Brett has been sick he was finally able to get out of the house and go tubing with them this afternoon. They had a lot of fun going around turns and over jumps. The video below shows one of their jumps.

Brett enjoyed himself but got a nice bruise on his hand from the ropes. He is putting ice on it but it has already swollen. Oh well. The next video is when they went over the jump but Brett bumped his head. If you watch carefully you can see him hit his head on Kimberly's arm. Problem? That arm is casted. Ouch.