Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This Halloween Lucian went as a knight, Sir Lucian the dragon slayer, and Brett went as the dragon. I knitted him a "chain mail" hood, which he didn't really like to wear and he had a sword and shield. Unfortunately we could never get a picture of him in his full outfit, but he looked very cute.

After the first house he wanted to sit down and check out his two pieces of candy but after a few more houses he began to get the hang of it and was soon running after his friends to the next house. He couldn't say 'trick or treat' but he waved 'bye' to everyone who gave him candy!

We got back around 7pm and Grammie and Lucian had fun making a ball pit out of a container.


The Clarks said...

ha i love the knitted chain mail! that is such a cute idea! and i can't believe how grown up he is looking. especially in that last picture! love you guys!

Kari said...

Looks fun. Awesome costume Cory. Way to go. Chain mill mask! How creative you are.